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Copperfill - how much copper is in it?

Posted by hl68fx 
Copperfill - how much copper is in it?
November 21, 2015 10:19AM

I am looking for a datasheet for the copperfill filament from Colorfabb. I would like to know how much copper is in the filament because I could not find any official statement. Only some news sites say it is 85%.
My project needs a filament with copper as much as possible.

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Re: Copperfill - how much copper is in it?
December 03, 2015 04:36PM
Yep, they apparently don't say it. Assuming that they put in the copperfill filament as much copper as they put bronze in their bronzefill, we can get a clue. Bronzefill has a density of 3.9g/cm3. If the PLA or whatever they mix has a density of about 1.4, and bronze more or less 8.5, then 1.4*(1 - x) + 8.5 * x = 3.9 --> x = 0.35 more or less, which is consistent with the percentage used in wood-like filaments (I read between 30% and 40%). If it were 85%, it would probably break if you stare at it too intensely.

Edit: of course if you consider the weight instead of the volume, then you get that the metal is 75% of the filament, but I think this measure would be misleading.

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