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[low-cost RESIN] SLA Printer

Posted by robert13 
[low-cost RESIN] SLA Printer
April 06, 2016 10:46AM
I am new here and hadn't had much time to look for a similar thread.

We're building a 3D SLA Printer based on an existing one,but using a different resin and projector.

We are now testing the new resin on the old printer first.

Old printer uses : * Resin : MakerJuice Labs G+
* Projector : ACER p5307wb

New printer has to use : * Resin : Hegardt H-61
* Projector : ACER P6500 (more powerful)

Current testing status : * Resing: Hegardt H-61
* (old projector) : ACER p5307wb

The issue is that the resin H-61 doesn't cure .
We increased the exposure time,but it doesn't seem to cure any UV with our parameters.
We loaded a test cube (10x10x2 [mm] ),the ETA was 30 minutes,but nothing solidified .

(The tank that we're using is a "sample tank" which was successfully tested with MakerJuice G+ resin and the ACER p5307wb projector )

What solutions could you have for this new resin ?
It is very similar to glue,so dens.
What parameters should we change or something like this ?

I am looking forward to reading your comments upon this.

Thank you for your attention !
Re: [low-cost RESIN] SLA Printer
April 06, 2016 11:25AM
... can you measure the "UV-power" of your projector? - most lamps have only some percents uf usable UV, and different resins may need different UV-wavelengths too -- common ranges are from 300nm to 450nm.

Some beamers have UV-blocking filters to protect the DMD-Chip, so none or nearly no UV is emitted.

I'm curing my UV-resins mostly with 405nm and output powers of up to 9 Watts @405nm in seconds to milliseconds ... lower wavelengths would be more efficient and faster.

For 3D-printing I've modified common DLP-beamers by removing the lamp, deactivcating the lamp sensing circuitry, and then inserting a UV-light-source ([email protected] or [email protected]) ...

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