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Resin for reinforcment

Posted by Tukr 
Resin for reinforcment
October 21, 2016 02:01AM
Hey guys, this should be in the correct topic but if not feel free to move it.

So, ive been printing PLA for over a year now, simply because i have always had trouble with other materials. While shopping my local source for some filament, i came across some really really cheap madesolid vorex resin. Apperently SLA printing isnt big near me, but i couldnt resist. Because i dont have the time to dedicate to developing a DLP or SLA machine right now i was curious if i could use it to reinforce my PLA prints?

I found through very little research that vorex cures with a healthy dose of UV light and tested on some scrap prints i had by brushing it on by hand while under a uv source. Long story short it adhears very well and gives a nice finish almost like acetone and abs, does anybody else do this? Have you seen a a positive outcome from it? Or am i degrading pla in a way? If this works well i could see it really helping users who dont want to spend money for the required elements to be able to print in higher strength filamemts, or dont want a new level of frustration. Also 250ml will go a very long way with this process.

Any ideas or insight are helpful. Thanks for your time guys.
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