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Why the need for environmentally friendly fluorescent pigment.

Posted by zhongwangli 
Why the need for environmentally friendly fluorescent pigment.
April 23, 2017 10:27PM
Innovation, coordination, green, open, shared five large development philosophy, is the modern concept of enterprise development, promote green building, respected by many enterprises. Pursuit of green, low-carbon, environmental protection has become the consensus of the exhibitors, simple, recyclable materials has become mainstream.
Fluorescent pigment is made which does not contain formaldehyde or slight environmental formaldehyde resin products, therefore do not emit formaldehyde odor in the process, do not contain formaldehyde in the product composition. High quality fluorescent pigment screw low viscosity, in production does not produce black, greatly extended the continuous production of screw time, shortens cleaning time, simplifies the cleaning process, to save on production costs. Quality fluorescent pigments used in low temperature injection, effectively help users to save energy and reduce costs. Its good thermal stability, effects of temperature fluctuation on the color difference is very small, and simplify the operation of injection, suitable for coloring all kinds of plastic products, superior performance, and has a very good color tinting, uniform and bright and colorful.

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