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The softest filament FDM printed to date.

Posted by Arnold Lane 1000 
The softest filament FDM printed to date.
June 13, 2017 09:27PM
Hi there,

Just though I would share the results of another alpha test of a completely new type of extrusion system currently under development.

While the extrusion mechanism eliminates the potential of print failures associated with printing flexible filament and substantially increases the speed at which filament can be printed we are also pushing the boundaries as to how soft a material you can print.

Currently we are printing a shore hardness of 46A. Could we go lower? We are looking around for an even softer material.

FDM printing with 46A

We are printing this material incredibly slow 20 mm / sec with 3 mm filament, but once you print with this material any thing else with a shore hardness of 60A+ is like printing with PLA, that is very very easy and fast.

Happy for feed back which is why I am posting.

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