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Polar arm based on frog-leg

Posted by jonnycowboy 
Polar arm based on frog-leg
December 05, 2011 11:35PM

Hi guys, I've read this forum top-to-bottom and am very inspired. I have a Printrbot on order (my 1st 3D printer) which will be able to print the joints for my own model printer.

I have the Microrax on order, bearings are already here. I need to order the linear rods and bearings still.

Markus, Galaxyman, what are your thoughts?

Do you think, after the software is settled, that this could be a gada-worthy design? I think we could aim for <200$ cost, <300$ selling price.

Re: Polar arm based on frog-leg
March 06, 2012 03:01PM
Funny thing is I have ordered a printrbot too. It is also my first 3-d printer. However, I do have a lot of experience with DIY CNC machines. I really think that this design is the way to go for a cheap 3d printer, considering there is no cutting force like on a milling machine. This means there does not need to be much support structure, because the acceleration of the printing head can be predicted fairly accurately since it will work the same every time. This means that theoretically, the wobble at the printing head can be corrected for, instead of just adding more material to make it stiffer. All that would be needed is a calibration run of the machine, and the printer should be accurate from then on.
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