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Wally of Clay, Rotating Nozzle Extruder smiling bouncing smiley

Posted by A2 
Wally of Clay, Rotating Nozzle Extruder smiling bouncing smiley
December 20, 2013 01:28PM

Print 3d objects (ceramic/plastic) with a rotating nozzle.
3d objects would have an improved quality, robustness, and finish.

I think Wally could be modified to accomplish this.
Make a working prototype before someone patents it.

Ideally I would like to see an universal rotating nozzle.
A rotating nozzle that could also attached to a Delta or Cartesian printer.

This is not limited to clay's, plastic can also take advantage of a rotating nozzle.
Elastic seals can also be formed with a rotating nozzle.


Engineers can design improved water filters for manufacture in depressed regions of the world.
Doctors/Dentist can design prosthetic devices.
Artist can enhance public space.

CNC Dispensing - Rotating Nozzle

Dispensing patents:
Datron Ag
DE 202009013146 U1
Publication date Sep 15, 2010
Filing date Apr 24, 2008
Priority date May 1, 2007

Viscous fluid metering control valve with rotary stepping motor - is adjusted according to outlet pressure and inlet temp.
controlling flow into pneumatically variable suction chamber

DE 4217835 A1

Ceramic patents:
John Balistreri and Sebastien Dion might be trying to close the market to 3d clay printers with patents,
they might be selling or leasing the rights to 3DSystems?

BGSU - 3-D Ceramic Printing

I think this is the person who did the research and earned the patents:

Sebastien Dion
Look at BGSU video, behind John Balistreri, you can see the same object on the shelf.

Ceramic article and method of manufacture
US 8475946
Publication date Jul 2, 2013
Filing date Mar 20, 2007

Three-dimensional printer, ceramic article and method of manufacture
US 8568649
Publication date Oct 29, 2013
Filing date Mar 20, 2007

Make your own Ceramic 3D Printer
Jonathan Keep


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Re: Wally of Clay, Rotating Nozzle Extruder smiling bouncing smiley
December 20, 2013 11:13PM
Jonathan Keep's printer is on the RepRap Wiki: Ceramic Delta.

I like the rotating nozzle idea. One way to do this is with a Wally-like parallel mechanism (from US 6339969):

Also related, everyone has probably seen this video a dozen times (concrete printing with a rotating toolhead) but I still find it hypnotic every time I watch it: Contour Crafting. Very similar in appearance to the CNC dispensing videos A2 posted.
Re: Wally of Clay, Rotating Nozzle Extruder smiling bouncing smiley
December 21, 2013 07:50AM
We can make metal parts with a clay extruder! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

The Newton 3D uses metal clays such as bronze, sterling silver, copper and steel which are then fired.

I wonder why they are not showing a part made of steel? confused smiley

Video 1

Video 2


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