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Bipolar and Sarrus Printer

Posted by trebormc 
Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 04, 2015 08:18PM
I present my 3D printer.

Is a bipolar printer and the Z axis is a Sarrus.

I have thought of doing several posts on my website to explain the code and the mechanics (and the problems I encountered).

But for now, and for lack of time, I made a brief explanation. grinning smiley

+info: [robertmenetray.com]


I will be happy to answer questions or suggestions in this forum.
Please note that English is not my language, forgive any mistake.sad smiley

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Re: Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 05, 2015 11:52AM
Printing with the spool of filament just sitting right on the y-axis, weighing it down and it doesn't seem to bother the thing.

A very nice design, are there any plans to release files and a BoM? (sorry if this was answered in the link, I don't speak Spanish at all.)
Re: Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 05, 2015 12:44PM
The Sarrus design allows the printer to be foldable. Just have to unscrew the Z axis.

The problem is that Sarrus is not 100% linear motion (in theory yes, but not in the real world). And Sarrus obliges use 4 engines for Z axis.

The initial idea was that could have more of 1 extruder (in top dish you can see a prepared hole for another extruder).

The engine + gear must have sufficient force to move the dish with 2 spools. Although the spools may also be outside.

The files are in my dropbox (solidworks, documentation and software), the link in my website.

Sorry, but the documentation is all in Spanish. My English is not the best. XD

When I have time I would like to explain the design and software, and because I chose these options (Bipolar and Sarrus). But not this week.

If someone wants to make a same printer, you note that there are better options (Cartesian).

All the polar printers, including mine, are concepts that need to be polished.

My printer meeting the most difficult concepts that occurred to me. Collapsible design, no Cartesian movements and non-use of linear bearings (Sarrus) and Bowden.

I am too ambitious XD

Still, the results are more than satisfactory
Re: Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 06, 2015 12:16PM
There is a similar kind of printer concept that Nicholas Steward roughed out a while ago. He posted it on Google+ but never really went after making it. Basically, his extends the upper arm of the Sarrus linkages to the lower frame to act as a scissor lift and place the x-axis drives horizontally.

A agree though, this turned out quite well even though it was so ambitious.
Re: Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 06, 2015 08:52PM
what firmware did you use?
Re: Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 07, 2015 06:02PM
The firmware is the marlin v1 for Cartesian printers.
I created a few plugins for CURA to postprocess the G-code.
Re: Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 08, 2015 10:52AM
That actually does sound intriguing. There have been problems with past polar printer attempts with the firmware being unable to handle the math right at the center of the print area, post-processing the g-code into a polar format (Or making a polar-coordinate slicer from the ground up) before it ever goes to the firmware seems like the right way to get around those old problems.

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Re: Bipolar and Sarrus Printer
January 08, 2015 03:35PM
The biggest problem is not the software. The problem is the calibration in the center of the print area. If the extruder is shifted, for example, 1 mm from the center, this will cause the not printing on the inside of a circle centered of 2mm diameter. Will also cause the slightly deformed parts (the lines be slightly curved).

The good point of the Cartesians printers is that calibration is lower. It is not calibrated x-y. It depends on how the endstops are made, they will win or lose a few mm of bed printing (offset of printing these mm in x or y,) but the good news is that printing is not deformed.

In polar printers will be calibrated to the xyz perfection. Require more work or obtains deformed printing.
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