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Marlin FIVE_BAR Scara code

Posted by CLaNZeR 
Marlin FIVE_BAR Scara code
October 26, 2015 04:12PM
Rather than hijack Mikes excellent thread, I thought I would start a new one.

I have been trying out a new Scara Dual (parallel) arm design and now at the point of testing.

The controller is Geetech T2560 and gets configured the same as the 7 = Ultimaker so using #define MOTHERBOARD 7

Ttsalo/Marlin-SCARA seems fine on the X-Y and Z-Axis and behaves as expected.

Now I moved onto Marlin FIVE_BAR firmware by Pavlo and set up the same settings to suit the controller board as I did in Ttsalo code.

But the machine goes crazy when you try and jog any Axis. If you hit Z jog the X and Y motors start spinning everywhere and then eventually stop and the Z-Axis attempts a move.
I have disable homing/limit switches while testing and extruder/heated bed.

One thing that occured to me is that the working code that Mike and PavloG both are configured for Ramps #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_RAMPS_13_EFB

Has anyone else succesfully got the FIVE_BAR code working on another controller than Ramps ?



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