My Robot Arm first print
December 17, 2016 03:21AM
Hey guys,

check this video to watch my robot arm first print

It base on SCARA Arm design with modified repetier firmware.

There are some unique feature in this robot arm.
1. The hot end is the z probe switch, so it will be easy to autolevel bed.
2. The hot end is easy to attach and detach so it would be easy to modify the robot to other purposes as CNC, laser, etc.
3. The bed is open, large and not moving, so it will be easy to place something on the bed, for instance if we want to print real chocolate on a plate. the size of bed in this video is not the maximum print area.
4. We can easy modify the arm and forearm length so we can make even bigger print area.
5. New G code command G5 to rotate arm and forearm individually, and G50 to calibrate length of arm, forearm and step per degree.

hope you like it.
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