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Marlin 1.1 SCARA Config Need Help

Posted by Power3DPrinting 
Marlin 1.1 SCARA Config Need Help
February 22, 2018 01:18PM
Hello, I recently downloaded Marlin 1.1 to use its makerarm SCARA configuration for my machine. I simply copied and replaced the config.h and config_adv.h with the config files in the example folder and immediately hit a problem where the machine is dead set on having me define a bed size or something which I am not using. I even tried disabling it by adjusting the arm lengths to large values and changing the Ramps board from an EFB to a EFF set up but no matter what, it won't let me compile and upload to my board. Any help is much appreciated, I am running Arduino 1.0.6 and I tried using a more recent version 1.8.5 but that caused quite a few more problems.
open | download - Screenshot (14).png (92.6 KB)
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