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Marlin Armlevel issues with the z-axis (on a Morgan)

Posted by jdargot 
Marlin Armlevel issues with the z-axis (on a Morgan)
March 29, 2019 12:59AM

I am building a wacky little Morgan 3D printer out of spare parts I have and am running into an issue with the z-axis (a little unexpected seeing as the x & y axes calibrated just fine).

When I tell the axis to home, it only travels about ten mm before stopping if not manually triggered on the endstop already (I'm using regular switch endstops). And if I give a motion command to the z, it only ever moves in one direction regardless of the direction I told it to go. And it continues moving until the machine is restarted. Has anyone seen a problem like this before? I looked it up under general Marlin issues but most of those dealt with auto bed leveling, a feature that isn't even in this firmware version.

Attached are my mechanical settings although not a huge amount has been changed in the z-axis yet. I changed some things in eeprom as well if any of that is needed.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
open | download - Morgan Mechanical Settings.txt (4.3 KB)
Re: Marlin Armlevel issues with the z-axis (on a Morgan)
April 02, 2019 02:21PM
In case it has any relation, I'll also mention that after working with the z-axis and going back to the arms, I often find them running super slowly when jogged. I don't know what the error is there but it always goes away when I restart the machine.
Re: Marlin Armlevel issues with the z-axis (on a Morgan)
April 06, 2019 04:10AM
Problem solved.

This version of Marin seems to require max or min endstops to be either all on or all off, versus the new versions where you can enable or disable each one individually. I had them all running so I could do max x,y and min z. And worse yet, the switches were wired as pull-down instead of pull-up (triggering broke the circuit instead of completing it) So there was always an endstop triggered somewhere, either from the endstops or from the unused pins This explains the odd actions and why it seemed so much like a firmware bug. The inputs didn't line up.
Anyway, I re-soldered the endstops and inverted the readings. It is running smoothly now.

Hope this might help for others in the future.
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