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Electronics for SCARA

Posted by monkmartinez 
Electronics for SCARA
September 25, 2019 08:33PM
Hello all,

I have all the parts printed and ordered for this scara: [www.thingiverse.com] I am going to start building this after I order electronics...and when I return from a two week hitch on an oil rig.

I have printed a ton of stuff but used an off the shelf printer (Craftbot plus). I have very little experience with Marlin or firmware in general. I see that Duet and the newest Marlin support SCARA arms.

I don't mind buying the Duet if its going to be leagues easier to use... However, I have plans to play with this robot for a few months and then move on. I really want a to build a BIG OLE 6DOF ARM bot next year sometime.

I am looking at MKS Gen L V1.0 boards with TMC drivers as a comparison...

With all that in mind...What would you all recommend?
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