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RepRapPro China 招聘英才

Posted by reprapprochina 
RepRapPro China 招聘英才
September 04, 2014 04:51AM
如果有感兴趣加入RepRapPro中国公司的杰出人才, 我们现在正在招聘技术人员。 具体要求如下:

Job Title: Technical Support (Full time)

Job requirements:
1. Must be interested in 3D-printer industry and has a general idea of 3D-printer industry
2. be capable of self-learning cutting-edge knowledge related to 3D-printer industry.
3. background with computer science and electronics preferred
4. good communication skills both in Chinese and English ;also be capable of reading English science articles
5. 1-3 years working experience in 3D industry preferred
6. be capable of handling all the problems brought up by our customers.
7. be capable of keeping good relationships with our customers.
8. Xi'An residence preferred


1. Provide solutions to any problem asked by our customers
2. Keep good relationship with our customers. If necessary , you need to provide door-to-door services
3. Assemble 3D-printers.

Please be noted this is a long-term job. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and cover letter to the following e-mail address: support@reprappro.com.cn.

有关公司介绍,请浏览 www.reprappro.com.cn
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