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Tissue Scaffolds using PGA

Posted by burketommy 
Tissue Scaffolds using PGA
November 30, 2012 11:45AM
Hey Folks,

First post in the forums...

I am starting my senior project in college and am researching best methods for tissue scaffolds and the printers to use for them. I am looking for a printer that is at the most 50 mm. I have built the Pro Huxley and Mendel thus far, do I need different parts to print on a smaller scale?

Just wondering if anyone has had success in doing so with a RepRap printer and which model...very vague apologies in advance.
Anonymous User
Re: Tissue Scaffolds using PGA
December 09, 2012 01:40AM
good .. will check you and back to you soon
Re: Tissue Scaffolds using PGA
November 08, 2014 03:56AM
Hi. Have you done your project work in the above mentioned method? Fabricating tissue scaffolds with PGA employing FDM technique? Kindly reply. Thank You.
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