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Medical Grade PCL and PLA

Posted by Ati 
Medical Grade PCL and PLA
April 11, 2013 07:14AM
Does anyone know where to purchase medical grades PCL and PLA rods (1.75mm) for RepRap?

Thanks :-)
Re: Medical Grade PCL and PLA
April 12, 2013 01:54PM
Well it won't be medical grade after it runs through a reprap, but I think [www.professionalplastics.com] carries it.
I used to work with scaffolding technologies for TE and we once bought PHB,D-PLA L-PLA, PLA/PLA copolymer and PCL, 100g each.
I remember it cost us 2500$USD for everything, so expect 100g of medical PLA to cost 500$ for 100gms.
We bought it from lakeshore biomaterials which is US-based but they shipped worldwide. Even to NZ :-)
Re: Medical Grade PCL and PLA
September 03, 2013 04:03PM
If I were to buy medical grade PCL from lakeshore, would it come in filament form? I've only ever seen it as granules. If not, what is the best way for me to use these granules with my reprap?
Re: Medical Grade PCL and PLA
May 24, 2014 12:01PM
Hi, I bought pla, phb.polyglyc and pcl from lakeshore and they only had granules at the time i bought it. It came in a cooled box and delivery was quite fast. If you need to know more about medical grade polymers just ask.
Re: Medical Grade PCL and PLA
April 07, 2015 12:48PM
Discs, sheets, plates, tubes, custom sizing and material available. All medical grade.

Re: Medical Grade PCL and PLA
April 07, 2015 12:52PM
Check out these scaffolds. They can come as discs, tubes, well plates and sheets. You may customize the material and thickness of aligned fibers.
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