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Help for printing out of sugar by Huxley

Posted by Oscar 
Help for printing out of sugar by Huxley
January 09, 2014 10:59PM
I am Oscar and have bought the RepRap Huxley for achieving my Final Year Project in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

There is a link of youtube video of showing how to use RepRap printer to print vascular network out of sugar ( [www.youtube.com] ). In my FYP, I also have to achieve the purpose which is similar to this thing.
In this papar, the sugar is carbohydrate glass which should be kept at 110C to be kept in liquid state for printing. This means the syringe must be heated up to that temperature, and the sugar is pressed out of syringe under the pnuematic system such as pnuematic solenoid valve.Check this: [www.flickr.com]

Therefore, I would also like to know what and how can I do to replace the hot end assembly of RepRap huxley printer by the new designed syringe with pnuematic solenoid? And also, what should I and where can I modify in gcode to suit this work as I am new in learning these things?

Re: Help for printing out of sugar by Huxley
April 25, 2015 01:57PM
How did this end up for you??
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