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Posted by uhmaster2000 
June 01, 2010 04:02AM
had and interesting thought on this. anyone see the 2nd part of the season finale of fringe? Walter, one of the main charaters, gets shot in an alternate universe. It so happens that they have rapid cell regrowth, so while in the hospital his gun shot wound was almost completely healed. He might have been in there an hour or two..

Now, how could we go about configuring a biorap to do such a thing?

I mean think about it, you get a gash in your thumb from one of those awful things they call papers. You put your thumb into or under the biorap, and bam! Good as new. Applications seem endless with this.
Re: biorap
June 01, 2010 02:41PM
There is a solution of chemicals and hormones that is commonly refered to as "cell divider" that could heal a wound much quicker than normal. Basically it makes cells divide and reproduce at about 4 times the normal rate. It's great for doing some baseline cellular tests. I wouldn't put it on a human or any living animal though, due to an increased risk of cancer.
Re: biorap
May 16, 2012 04:30AM
There are some substances that help the cell activity of the new way is easier and simple, but all this will take a little time thanks to you.
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