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Modifying Prusa i3 for syringe pump

Posted by gkoshy 
Modifying Prusa i3 for syringe pump
September 09, 2015 11:49AM
I'm trying to build a 3D Printer that will print a self curing silk/glycerol solution for scaffolding purposes. So i figured i'd try to build a Prusa i3 and replace the extruding device with a syringe pump (most likely following this design--->[www.appropedia.org]) but I'm not sure how to to do the circuitry or what to change in the arduino code. Im using Arduino Megan and RAMPS 1.4 with drivers.

-How would i connect the syringe pump motor to the RAMPS?
-im using the Marlin Firmware-how can i adjust the coding for no thermal components but just the syringe pump?
-is there any open source coding out there for a similar design?

Would really appreciate some help
Re: Modifying Prusa i3 for syringe pump
September 09, 2015 06:04PM
... you can use the pins and drivers for the extruder motor and you can even use a syringe heater in the same way, as with the normal hot-end - you have only to adjust/calibrate the steps per mm accordingly and set the temperature for the 'hot-end' ...

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Re: Modifying Prusa i3 for syringe pump
December 22, 2015 04:39PM
why not try this kit [reprappro.com]

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