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Tissue Scaffold Design - Custom Infill %?

Posted by peb90 
Tissue Scaffold Design - Custom Infill %?
March 17, 2017 09:32AM
Hello, my name is Alfonso, I'm currently working on my master thesis creating a 3D Printer for jaw bone. I recently started on the 3D printer world and I have some questions regarding the infll % to mimic a bone-structure fill with the enough porosity, so it can allow new bone formation without creating a necrotic core and killing all my cells.

Is there a way I can customize the infill % to define the separation between the lines to form a grid with the pore sizes of the bone?
I have been looking some approaches using matlab to generate the mathematical model of the scaffold and generating a STL file
Another approach is using topology optimisation and sphere packing algorithms,
Before I get my hands dirty, I wanted to ask if there is a easier method for generating a scaffold printings settings.

I'm really new into this field, so any information or documentation is welcome so I can expand this project.


Re: Tissue Scaffold Design - Custom Infill %?
March 17, 2017 12:48PM
Try Slic3r, select infill, fill density.

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