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Reprappers in Portland Oregon

Posted by Tom Frisch 
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
March 14, 2011 05:03AM
Good to meet you Neilr, I am currently working on building the mechanical aspect of a Prusa Mendel. Once I get the printed parts I am all set to get this thing put together, then start working on the electronics, woohoo! Maybe we can schedule a get meet for later in the month, or even try and setup a monthly deal where us portland area reprappers can get together and discuss where we are in construction or hurdles we have overcome. Or talk about how we blew up yet another set of stepper drivers smiling smiley

What do you all think?
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
April 05, 2011 03:09PM
Have any of us Portland reprappers acquired electronics yet?

I'm hoping to be in a place where I want to get an order in for electronics in the next few weeks, and I figured it might make life easier for all if we tried to standardize on a set of electronics. That way, we could share knowledge, spares, firmware, extra bits, or even swap in borrowed known-working electronics for debugging purposes.

I've been leaning heavily toward the Techzone Montronics (a gen3 derivative) simply because its an all-in-one solution rather than lots of little sub-boards to mess with.

Rembrantph, as for meeting, I'd be up for it if I can make it, but there doesn't seem to be much interest since nobody has even responded to your post after 3 weeks.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
April 11, 2011 12:57PM
I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Marcus. I don't actually live in Portland anymore, but my family (and their 3d printer business) are still in Portland and I make frequent trips. I actually live in Cleveland (not far from Makergear Headquarters smiling smiley
I have a fully assembled and printing makergear prusa. Took me awhile to get to this point, but I made it! Running Ramps+Skeinforge+repsnapper.

blog.burningriverlabs.com <-blog
www.burningriverlabs.com <- work
www.clevelandracing.com <-fun
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
June 15, 2011 04:07PM
Hey All,

I would love to work with someone on making a Reprap...maybe go in on the expense and building or be a slave...er I mean assistant in building one. I am in SE Portland and have a pretty great work space and a very flexible schedule.

hi guys. i have a mendel running semi successfully. Well, not well @ high speeds. would love to get a group together some weekend day, and spend time tweaking, building, printing, critiqing, etc with other reppers. Is there a way to subscribe to a thread here?...
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
July 21, 2011 12:19PM
As you can see cdaringe, we're a really active RepRap users group smiling smiley

Best bet is probably to organize a gathering yourself. Maybe talk to lokkju and see if the BrainSilo hackerspace would be interested in hosting?

Last summer when I tried, there wasn't a lot of interest, but maybe there is now.
Guys, I am new to this, but working hard to come up to speed fast. I am working with a group of guys here in the Portland area and expect to have a lot of Reprap experience soon, but could really use some experienced coaching and guidance. Current have full kits from Techzone for a Mendel and a Huxley "in the mail" arriving in the next few days. Have a set of Mendel plastics (from a large commercial FDM machine) done and a set pf Prusa parts in the queue.The team is currently tearing down old laser printers to scavenge mechanical parts.

If anyone gets any kind of group going or wants to offer coaching, let me know. Thanks.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
July 29, 2011 03:53PM
I can be of no help coaching but I am good at taking things apart and would love to learn more about your 'team'.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
September 21, 2011 06:54PM
I live in SW Portland, and just got started with my Prusa build. I got my mechanical parts from Mixshop, printed parts from LulzBot, and the electronics from UltiMachine (RAMPS 1.4).

I have the frame built and have started working on the Y axis.
I am in NE Portland. I have a makerbot TOM that I have been printing with for 6 months. I also have a reprap mondo I am almost done wih. It's a full custom job as it uses makerbot electrtonics and hot end and is heavily customized in many ways: build area is 12"x18"x10" and prints very fast,

I'd love to get together with some like minded folks and talk tech. I'd also be happy to mentor anyone having troubles.

I also have a cnc, laser cutter and borosillicate glasblowing studio in my basement.

Hope we can all get together sometime; I'd be happy to host if it was 10 folks or so
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
November 30, 2011 11:29AM
Hi, You sound like someone I need to meet. I am going to have a life again after the new year so a meet up at your place would be awesome. I do flat glass, minimal hacking and am interested in the potential for using was ( or some other thing that you can burn out) for glass casting models using a 3d printer. What do you use all your stuff for?
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 01, 2012 06:06PM
I just finished my Prusa last week and I am cranking out parts. I live in SE, I'm in Grad school at PSU, and I work at Hillsboro. I'd love to get together with some fellow reprappers!

Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 07, 2012 04:04PM
Hey everyone in portland,

I've been reprapping for about a year now down in Eugene. I have two machine (techzone Huxley and a Prusa), but almost no success prints to show for it. I am interested in seeing working machine and collaborating with reprappers (seasoned or new/curious). Is anything happening in eugene or still happening in portland.

Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
February 06, 2012 01:42PM
I finished most of the assembly of my cupcake. need to buy bearings, find motors, and see if I can get things together. I think the white acrylic looks cool.
open | download - 120205_0002.jpg (136.8 KB)
I'm working on a design/invention and considering rapid prototype technology to build a proto. I was looking for a good service bureau but after spending some time researching i'm considering building a reprap or makerbot and doing the proto myself. I can invision the need to build at least 3 or 4 revisions of prototype so thinking it might be cheaper in the long run to go the DIY route. Just wondering where to start?! There are a lot of choices and i don't know enough about this to choose wisely. Is there ever a meeting amoung reprap folks in Portland that i could crash and pick a few brains? I would love to meet someone over a beer or coffee and get some 'expert' advice! I work in H'boro and live in SW Pdx. Let me know by email if you can help... carlosdotmejiaatinteldotcom

Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
March 28, 2012 11:15PM
Hey Everybody.
I am really interested in 3-d printing and looking for a little local guidance about how to build a Mendalmax. I am applying for a grant (to buy the parts) and I am looking for somebody to check in with occasionally.

If anybody has a little time I would be really grateful

reply to
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
April 22, 2012 10:43PM
I seem to recall a group of reprappers meeting up at Backspace in years past. Don't recall if they were a local group or touring. But if any of you are still interested, it'd be great to form a local fabrication community that meets up on a schedule and helps eachother out from time to time.

What's that? Your dog ate your Triffid Hunter Herringbone gear? Hey, no sweat man, we'll print you up a new one. A gear, not the dog.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested in forming the Portland Reprap Coalition or whatever. Or if you can hook me up with a deal on some sweet parts!

Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
April 22, 2012 11:07PM
I'd be interested in such a recurring users group meeting.

I don't have much to offer the group yet, since I had to take a break when I got stuck on the electronics end of things though.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
June 14, 2012 05:21PM
I think the trick, if you're not a big Arduino nerd enthusiast, is to buy portions of the kit (or the whole kit) pre-assembled. Then once you're familiar with what parts do what and how everything operates, you can experiment with bigger and better constructions.

Now to test this theory...
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
June 15, 2012 10:48AM
Good advise, and exactly what I was doing. Since I couldn't get electronics I could understand and had documentation, and the stuff I did want was still not available a month later, I boxed this project up and decided to pursue other hobbies for a while instead of start a new one.

If we had an active users group going, I would have found someone there to help me navigate what I didn't understand yet. Since there wasn't, box. Not being acusatory here, just stating facts. Its trouble spots like this that make me wish we had a local users group that met at least semi regularily, but there just doesn't seem to be enough interest... yet.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
July 23, 2012 08:37PM
I have working CNC machine based on EMC2 and i want to upgrage it to rapid prototype machine.
Because i have machine i more interesting in head that introduce plastic.
Do you have working element that mealt plastic?
how you control amount of plastic that head put on?
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
October 31, 2012 12:30PM
Is anyone going to Orycon this weekend? I ran into the program director a while back and he said he was planning on having a signup-panel "track", in other words, he was going to set aside a room and let members sign up and hold any panel they wanted.

If iit didn't get cut, I was thinking it might be interesting to hold a oanel for reprap & 3D printing in general... but I'd need more than just myself for panelists, preferably at least one with a working printer smiling smiley
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 08, 2013 12:06AM
Hi, im a local 3d printer guy in Portland looking to meet more 3d printing enthusiasts. I have been printing parts of increasing complexity on my solidoodle 2, and look forward to making some repraps. I was wondering if there are any ongoing meeting s in the area to discuss 3d printing.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 15, 2013 03:28AM
Hello, My name is Daniel and I found you guys through a quick search on the internet trying to figure out what a RepRap was. My goal for this year is to build a printer and become competent in printing smaller items. I've so far become adept in sleuthing my way through a lot of information on the subject of 3d printing but not much else beyond that. I have a background in graphic design and some experience in 3d programs.

I'm hoping I can meet some locals who enjoy making projects and maybe would enjoy sharing knoweledge. I don't know if there have been any formal meet ups yet or not. One thing for sure I would like to check out sooner is what kind of resolution is commen with a RepRap machine or another affordable printer. I have some projects that I want to see how reasonable they would be to reproduce with such printers.

That's all i got for now. I look forward to joining and helping promote the future of 3d printing.

Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 22, 2013 02:41PM
How's it going I'm from the eastern Pdx area. I'm want to meet a group of local like minded 3D /CNC people. It would be nice to have a group of ppl that can email eachother and help each other with related problems and solutions. I am a master of building things out of unwanted or broken items. This picture shows a 1.75 filament that I'm working on that is made out of recycled printer parts. It works really well so far. Let me know what you think. So let's join together and build build build. The last pics is for a dual axis system I'm working on which is also all recycled parts.
open | download - 2013-01-19 11.28.56.jpg (219.5 KB)
open | download - 2013-01-16 15.21.40.jpg (235.8 KB)
open | download - 2013-01-16 15.21.21.jpg (201.5 KB)
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 22, 2013 03:09PM
Is this thread dead? I live in eastern Oscar area towards Gresham. I would love to meet up and email back and fourth on 3d builds etc. I have quite a bit of working knowledge from very extensive research. I have built My own CnC and I'm building a repstrap currently. I am a master of building things out of broken or un. Wanted items. Anyone interested in getting a group together pls get ahold of me. Thanks.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 22, 2013 07:33PM
Any reprappers in Corvallis area? The library is having a MakerSpace event in March and is desperately looking for a Maker with a 3D printer to show the masses what all the fuss in the press is about. There could be some travel money involved if you are willing to come down from Portland.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
January 23, 2013 01:38AM
> Is this thread dead?

Yes, pretty much, nobody seems to respond. I suspect it might not be the thread that's dead so much as the area.

> Anyone interested in getting a group
> together pls get ahold of me.

If you organize something, I'm interested. I had to put my bootstrap machine on hold indefinitely but am hoping I'll be able to get back to it in the next few months.
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
September 11, 2013 12:45PM
We are in Vancouver wa and we would like to have local reprap'ers make ABS parts for us...

We have our own head and plastic, (j-head mount) that we will supply.

If you are interested we can be emailed at
clist (at) diytechshop.com


Through self sustaining actions comes freedom

DIY Tech Shop
Re: Reprappers in Portland Oregon
September 11, 2013 10:00PM
I sent you a message via your site. Let me know what you need printed as we have a extended sized Printrbot plus with dual extruders. Also if anyone local wants to get together RepRap Squad members will be attending Portlands maker faire on this upcoming Saturday. So shoot us a message on here or our site and we can meet up.

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