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Portland, OR RUB

Posted by dlw 
Portland, OR RUB
September 02, 2018 02:41PM
A newb to Portland RUG.
I'm dlw, live in Amboy, WA.
Currently designing a core xy 3d printer, also a CNC on the back burner.
The 3d printer frame is designed but not yet constructed due to any changes needed.
Started printing and proofing the objects for the core xy system. See attached.

Using an Ender 3 for printing set at 255 nozzle, 80 bed temps for PETG.
Fusion 360 for designing.
Cura 3.4.1.
Have W10, which I dislike, but need because of Autodesk.

The attached has problems.
Any suggestions on how to improve the bottom layer where the support was?
Also, the top where the 'fuzz' is?

Any help appreciated.
open | download - Untitled1.png (722.6 KB)
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