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Setting up the new server that Zach has arranged

Posted by Adrian Bowyer 
Setting up the new server that Zach has arranged
March 26, 2008 05:33PM
We need to set up the server that Zach has arranged.

I think we should start by making this mirror the current twiki.

Then move to it as the main server, with Simon's server acting as the mirror.

The we need to migrate the forums.

In parallel I think we should have a Builder's wiki to go with the Builder's blog that is world writable; lots of people are a bit wistful that we don't let them edit the main wiki, and they deserve a voice.

Then (long term) we should think about moving to mediawiki. Though I like the clean appearance of twiki. And I understand the latest version has a wysiwyg editor, which would go a long way to making it pretty good, I reckon.

I think we should put capchas on everything from day one, too.

best wishes


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