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Armanicreations is making the first open source Android > serial arudino 3D printer controller

Posted by Simba 
Just a news blurb. We have good preliminary results with full control of the 3D printer, now we want to finalize the product for full release. We are working with the creator of the first android Bluetooth reprap controller, Phillip, who did most of this initial work, and now hiring outsourced help. We believe in open source for some aspects of 3D printers, and this is the perfect example. You can't patent something this obvious, and it is immensely useful to other (including us) when it is modified and improved. Because we are paying a decent amount for this research we do want to hold off on release until we can showcase it with our printer. However, if you want to contribute to programming we could pay you for the help.

Long ago will be the days of hacking a slow arduino to process a miniSD card or using a lame $150 4" LCD hack add on (however cool this is). Now you can access wifi, dropbox, normal sized SD cards, MOST usb flash sticks, and more !! All in a 7" touschreen, without hardware modification!! With tablets under $150 drip feeding everything, possibilities are endless, including remote screenshots, openGL STL viewers, even eventually Gcode genetration, squashing the prior art.

blurb/chest pound>

Please expect the first working version along with our kickstarter project release in 1-2 month (I know, these things have a way of passing their deadline too).

Mike - armanicreations
P.S. please correct me if I am wrong. I know one company has a commercial prototype but it is not open.

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