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building a large reprap

Posted by adambikes 
building a large reprap
April 16, 2014 12:46PM
hi, im looking to build a large reprap possibly a working space of meters long? at the moment i own a reprap pursa but having trouble getting the steppers to work properly.. i mainly need to know if its possible? if so what are the main obstacles?

project needed for univercity, a house meter SQ with 45cm hight needs to be printed in 3d

any info would be great

Re: building a large reprap
April 16, 2014 01:01PM
It's entirely possible. Printer have been build on the scale of printing housing.
Main obsticles are pricing becoming more costly per scale. Your prices on large and sturdy rods that can take the load and the metal fabrication for larger and custom made frames are going to be costly. Luckily, your board should pretty much stay the same across sizes but you will need heavier duty stepper drivers and stepper motors to drive the extra weight. Getting a precision made build plate for large volumes is likely to cost as much as your body. I'm looking at about $2000 for my printer at build volume of about 350mm by 640mm by 400mm.
I'm using 12mm rails on weight bearing rails [X and Y axis] and 8mm rails on others [I have four on my Z]. When building larger the main obstacle I have found is that much fewer actually build at those sizes and, like them, you're going to have to engineer a fair amount of your printer on your own. Look at printers made similar to what your looking for and use engineer's sense to take what's good and avoid what's bad.
Re: building a large reprap
April 16, 2014 01:17PM
your a star mate! building the actual printers frame isnt really an issure to me. mainley was the software side of it.. i wanted to know if i could upgrade my reprap pursa into the size i want.. i have the rods just need to strengthin the joints using Q bond lol.. il start with my build and will post the process hopfully

thanks for the respond
Re: building a large reprap
April 16, 2014 01:36PM
Software wise you really should not need much change. Just things like max build/steps per mm/etc. I thought about doing the same with my Solidoodle when it broke but the board had limits so I just decided to build my own from scratch.
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