longstrap reprap
May 16, 2014 02:23AM
hi! adding or working on something like "repstrap i2 longstrap" using broom handles for 5$ each as smooth rods and using 4$ of 2 feet of 1.5 inch increments of tubing.. there are road reflectors at ace for perfect size ABS parts printed thingiverse for several feet of triangle support to work with

sorry not certain where to add this.. here is a vertical shaft of 3$ plastic box, 3$ can of spray foam, 5$ hollow steel broom handle, sword to put hole into the box after foaming or before
some of that 4$ worth of plastic tube cut 1.5 inches to act as bearing/bushing
saves so much cost, makes so large prints using the precision timing belts with steel threads from ebay for 5$ meter.. working to find the 10mm 5-6$ per meter

i am working out a design for walls inside the homes made of removable parts containing dfferent materials depening on colors and shapes

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