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Dual Mixed Voltages PSU for Ramps1.4

Posted by TheSniper 
Dual Mixed Voltages PSU for Ramps1.4
May 18, 2015 06:15PM
All, Curious. In as short a question possible.
Can a 12 and a 24V PSU be mixed together to supply a Ramps1.4?

More explaining:
My current setup uses a 12V PSU. with heated bed fans lights etc....
I want to be able to segregate my heated bed to run specifically on a 24V PSU. Is the circuitry on the ramps. such that the input for the heated bed side separate from the lower amperage side?
Im hoping so. I know wI can run everything off24V but I dont want to have to change out all the rest of my 12V parts. Simply put can I just add the 24v portion to supply my Heated bed.
and get rid of my Step up voltage converter "12 to 24V".

Lastly I dont really like the idea of using a SSR to turn the PS off and on. seems like a lot of load on the PSU turning off and on hundreds if not thousands of times. I know the SSR couldnt care. but the PSU?
Any searches I did showed 3 camps. The 12V camp the 24V camp and the SSR/Bangbang camp. Perhaps the 12/24v Camp is not available! :0

MendelMax... (A build for ever in process... ... ... will it/ Is it ever done!?) yea, Its done alright its sitting collecting dust!
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Re: Dual Mixed Voltages PSU for Ramps1.4
May 18, 2015 06:31PM
Yes heated bed is only thing on 11amp cct.

But be warned, the 11amp polyfuse is only rated for 16v, you will need to replace that
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