Homing X and Y on Pause
January 21, 2016 12:37PM
I have a Prusa i2 with Ramps 1.4 and a RepRapDiscount_Full_Graphic_Smart_Controller. I'm wondering if anyone has thought about homing the X and Y axis when the print is paused so that any leaking plastic won't damage the print and the extruder will be out of the way if anything needs to be done?
Re: Homing X and Y on Pause
January 21, 2016 02:23PM
RepRapFirmware runs a macro file when you pause the print. Typically this is set up to retract some filament to avoid oozing, and move the head out of the way of the print. You haven't said what firmware you are using, but have you checked whether it has a similar facility?

Homing the printer would not be a good idea, because you would be relying on the homing switches being highly reproducible in order to resume the print without getting a slight layer shift. Better to move the head to a specified location instead.

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Re: Homing X and Y on Pause
January 21, 2016 02:54PM
I'm using Marlin. I dug through it and tried to find something about that but couldn't find anything.
Re: Homing X and Y on Pause
January 21, 2016 04:45PM
... in Pronterface I'm adding "extra functions" temporary per custom user buttons - direct in the button-description, if singlelineline G-codes, or by calling predefined macros if multiliners -- and if it's OK and/or shoud be used permanently, then program this G-codes in into specific toolbox-buttons - her an example with a custom button called "User Nullpunkt":

So for example a "pause+homing"-button will move the head to a specific position (and eventually do some extra tasks) ... and a "restart print"-button could move to another position, purge/restart the extruder, then move to a safe position above the last printing position and continue the print.

But as I'm doing this for dispenser-developing, it's a totally different functionality/behaviour with my machines than with extruders ...

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