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RADDS lcd cable length

Posted by vacalos 
RADDS lcd cable length
August 28, 2016 10:55PM
I am attempting to configure a radds lcd to work with a new custom 3d printer. I am using a radds v1.5 shield with an arduino due board. I purchased Longer ribbon cables so that I could position the lcd where I wanted it. When the new cables arrived i threw the original cables away.

I have not been able to get the longer cables to work with the radds lcd. Since I threw the original cables away I do not know if it is an issue with the cable or if I have the firmware programmed incorrectly.

Does anyone know if there is a cable length limit for the ribbon cables used with the lcd.
Also, can anyone tell me how to configure repetier firmware to work with the lcd.
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
August 29, 2016 02:32PM
Depends on how noisy (electrical) the environment is but I've usually seen the recommendation be no longer than 25 to 30cm. I assuming the 2 10pin ribbon cables.
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
September 18, 2016 03:29PM
did you get a longer cable at the end? I could do with a long cable myself
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
September 19, 2016 07:46AM
The first cable I tried was 80mm long. That cable did not work, so I bought a kit so that I could make ribbon cables at any lengths I chose. I tried multiple lengths but could not get the RADDS LCD to work correctly.

It may be a problem with the firmware, however I am using the Repetier online configurator to generate the Configuration.H file, so I don't know why that tool would generate the problem.
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
September 20, 2016 11:45AM
I'm using repetier as well, only thing I'm doing to get around the short cable is find a good place with enough space and have the lcd case integrated with the radds case together

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Re: RADDS lcd cable length
September 20, 2016 12:43PM
I placed my electronics in a control box so I am somewhat limited as to cable length and LCD placement.

Did you have to manually edit the firmware in order to get the LCD to display correctly or did you just use the online configurator?
Even when I made cables that were only 20cm long (as a test) the LCD did not work.
It also may have something to do with the cables themselves.
open | download - Control Box.JPG (138.1 KB)
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
September 23, 2016 07:49PM
mine worked straight from the configurator
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
October 20, 2017 07:41AM
I know this post has been around for a while but though i'd just see if anyone solved the problem.

I'm using RADDS/Due and LCD on a new printer and have an LCD cable length of about 900mm. Needless to say I've found this issue which I assume is noise in the cable as i'm not in a particularly noisy environment.

Value anyone's thought on this.
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
October 20, 2017 10:45AM
The problem is not so much noise, it's the capacitance of the cable degrading the clock signal. Using ribbon cable with thicker conductors (e.g. 26awg instead of the more common 28awg) gets you a little further, but I don't think you will reach 900mm.

One possible solution (which I have a financial interest in - see my signature) is to run RepRapFirmware on the Due/RADDS and use a PanelDue colour touch screen. It communicates with the RADDS using a serial link, and 900mm is no problem at all. You won't be able to use the SD card socket on the PanelDue with that length cable, you will need to use the SD card socket on the RADDS, or connect an external SD card socket to the RADDS using a short (not 900mm!) cable.

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Re: RADDS lcd cable length
October 21, 2017 02:54AM
You could also install Octoprint on a Rasperry Pi 3 with WiFi. Then you can control the printer and send files without any wiring issues.
( You can even sit next door and use a webcam to check the printer )
Re: RADDS lcd cable length
October 23, 2017 05:42AM
I did wonder about cable spacing over that length so split all the conductors in the ribbon but it didn't make much difference.

I'll take a look at Octoprint but just wanted some control local to the printer.

Noticed noise on the power rail. Just a thought, has anyone tried 5v from AUX rather than level shifting 3.3V.
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