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Arduino, GRBL and M-Code (M114)

Posted by jasmin287 
Arduino, GRBL and M-Code (M114)
September 29, 2016 09:11AM
Hi everyone,

I'm kind of new to this, so I'm not very clear on all the details..

I am working with Arduino Uno using G-Code commands, by uploading a GRBL 0.9 library.
I'm trying to get the current position of the CNC that I'm using, and I understand that the way to do this is using M114 command..

But..! Everytime I try this, I get a message of "unsupported command" from arduino.

Does this mean that the command is not in the library?
Does anyone know how else I can get this information, or why this M114 is not supported?

I am actually trying to have my script set a new offset coordinate system in the current location.

Thank you so much!
Re: Arduino, GRBL and M-Code (M114)
October 05, 2016 03:01AM
Re: Arduino, GRBL and M-Code (M114)
October 05, 2016 02:17PM
GRBL does not have the M114 command
My version on a mega2560 has "??" command to return machine and work position.
Don't remember what version I have but I don't think it works on the uno version.
If it does not work let me know why you need this info as machine should be at the position you told it to be in gcode.
If needed I can check the program to fine the code and see if I can add it to the uno version.
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