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3MF issues

Posted by NOVAprint 
3MF issues
October 15, 2016 06:00AM
Ladies and gentlemen, if you use a MAC computer and have recently tried to netfab a file, you received an stl file that was converted to a 3MF file that you cannot use in Slicer. Is there someone who has possibly done some adjustments to slicer to have it accommodate 3MF files? Apparently 3MF is a file format that makes computation easier and faster and also allows for design files and printing files to be the same type, no more g code versus STL if that makes any sense. Anyhow I would love to hear about an update to slicer to accommodate 3MF otherwise I am going to need to earn a computer science degree in order to learn how to do it myself.
Re: 3MF issues
October 15, 2016 06:37AM
3MF is basicly a slt with extra crap.

It doesnt help in computation

it has no baring on "g code versus STL" what ever you mean by this...

It still has to be converted to gcode as that is what the printer understands

It does support multi material... which is nice.

There are already converters out there.... eg [www.nchsoftware.com]

It was designed by committee of companies... so called market leaders in 3d printing... nothing to do with reprap
Re: 3MF issues
October 15, 2016 12:40PM
I believe Cura supports 3MF input files. However the new version didn't support delta printers last time I looked, so it's no use to me.

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Re: 3MF issues
November 07, 2016 04:37PM
3MF is basically an attempt by Microsoft to control the 3D printing market. In typical MS style, they cherry pick ideas from elsewhere, wrap it up in a bloated format they can call their own, and have it supported only by Microsoft OS.

It's a great shame they didn't support something open and existing like AMF, help improve it and promote it's adoption.

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Re: 3MF issues
January 22, 2017 06:26AM
If you have a Windows 10 pc the easiest converter is Microsoft 3d object builder which is bundled software. It does the same model fixing as netfabb but locally not queued on a remote server, and you can save objects as stl, whatever format including 3mf they were loaded in. I have no idea if it does anything else but these two features are useful.

Totally agree with sentiment that Microsoft are trying to muscle in to 3d which they will abjectly fail to do as they clearly have little understanding of it.

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