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Can FPGA implement G-code?

Posted by pkl520 
Can FPGA implement G-code?
January 09, 2017 02:20PM
HI everyone!

I am wondering that can I use FPGA implement G-code then pass through arduino to let printer move?

I want to use verilog hdl to implement but because G-code's file type is txt.

It seems that G-code and verilog can't put these together.

Any suggestion will be great.

Thanks to everyone~~!

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Re: Can FPGA implement G-code?
January 11, 2017 08:25AM
IMHO you would be better off doing it backwards. Use the arduino to read gcode and parse it until you get easy units (motor steps and time steps), then feed these to the fpga and have it do motion control. Fairly easy to get 50MHz resolution on motion control this way, most arduino based printers run at 30~100kHZ.

Fpga are great with parallel realtime stuff, but quite hard to use (and overkill) when you have a slow sequential problem, like text parsing.
Re: Can FPGA implement G-code?
May 07, 2017 02:16PM
Yes, you can
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