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Posted by Karzin 
February 08, 2017 07:39AM
Hello, my machine used to work fine, until I started to need heating.( previously i worked with just a pen)
but once i attached the thermistors and enabled them on the firmware the extruder heated up once and started cooling down almost immediately. after that everytime i would try to connect to my printer, i get the error:


I've researched it and i know that this happens when the thermistor circuit is short, and because the resistance is close to zero the machine thinks that its very hot, and I know that if the circuit is open and in the firmware its enabled, the error would be the same only instead of MAXTEMP it would say MINTEMP triggered.

HOWEVER, once i unplugged the thermistors, from the ramps board, and tried to connect, i would still get the same error, so I've deduced that perhaps the thermistor pins are shorted on the ramps. so i unplugged everything from the arduino and tried connecting, and i STILL got the same error, saying that there's a short. i even dissabled the thermistors in the firmware and later uploaded a clean version of it, but i still get the same error the moment i try to connect, i tried uploading a blink and fade sketches, and it worked fine. i even bought a brand new arduino board and i still get the same error.

PLEASE can anyone tell me whats wrong here?
February 08, 2017 05:51PM
At a guess you have configured the motherboard type incorrectly in firmware, so it is looking at the wrong pins
February 22, 2017 11:34AM
What software are you using to connect to and control your printer?
You can see what the ambient temperature being reported by your thermistors is as soon as you connect in pronterface. that will tell you if the maxtemp being triggered is due to an incorrect config setting or a dodgy thermistor
Once you can verify the thermisor is giving sensible readings send a M999 to reset the overtemp and watch the temperature graph as the extruder heats up...

Perhaps this thread would be better in a more appropriate section..
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