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Multiextrusion with heated chamber

Posted by jimanjim 
Multiextrusion with heated chamber
February 18, 2017 07:04PM
Hi guys,
I am currently designing my own 3d printer, and one idea that came to my mind was that it might be nice that while im designing the printer from scratch, i might as well do the multiextrusion, mainly for the sake of supports. But as im planing to go big and use a heated chamber, im little bit worried about damaging any plastic component in the chamber itself. Is it really any big issue? I suppose that any 3D printer extruder would be not a good choice as the temperature inside would be probably high enough to soften the material thus allow the pressure by the motor to not only extrude, but also deform the extruder itself. Will it be really such an issue?
Based on this, i have not seen any design that would fit this need. Or, in the worst case scenario, i would rather sacrifice the dual extrusion to the heated chamber, as it should allow me to print larger and stronger parts with some not so common filaments. So if you know about any single extrusion solution to this, please smiling smiley I was looking into the E3D v6 hotend and i did like it (from the reviews at least), and my main goal is to have high quality prints, not caring too much about the print speed.

Thanks alot for any ideas
Re: Multiextrusion with heated chamber
February 18, 2017 07:24PM
If you're interested in print quality, plastic parts are generally a bad idea. If you're going to enclose and keep things warm (45-50C) for printing ABS you can immediately forget about using any PLA parts. Even using ABS parts can be a problem depending on what they are doing in the machine. Compression is probably OK, but tension or flexing forces will cause plastic parts to deform or break.

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Re: Multiextrusion with heated chamber
February 19, 2017 02:51PM
I use ABS parts in my printer with a 50c heated chamber without any issues for over 5 years now.

Re: Multiextrusion with heated chamber
March 16, 2017 03:00AM
I have seen Youtube material about heated chambers, [youtu.be] and I'm also building one. Ofcourse you have the possible to set what temp you want.

Ola A.
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