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Double heat block on extruder

Posted by DaveOB 
Double heat block on extruder
September 09, 2017 12:41PM
I understand the limitations of my e3dv5 and Volcano blocks, with regards to nozzle size affecting the flow rate, the maximum flow rate that a block can maintain ( without passing chunks of semi solid filament ), etc.

Now I want to start printing some much larger items that require less detail. I am lookng at modifying the nozzle from 0.8 up to 1.5 mm or even 2 mm.

However, with the above mentioned flow rate restrictions, the full potential of the larger nozzle is restricted, and the speed would have to be reduced to maintain a quality flow.

Started thinking about a heat block with 2 heater cartridges ( I already have pins on my X gantry for a second extruder, so I can add the second heater as 'tool 1' in the gCode, but then it occurred to me that the heat transfer would still be limited by the size of the aluminium heat block.

So what if I make the following as an " in Series Heating Chain " ( all metal system ) to connect :

1. cooling tower
2. heatbreak
3. e3dv5 heatblock ( with heater and thermistor connected to 'tool 1' in gCode )
4. heatbreak ( shortened to keep space between blocks to around 1mm )
5. Volcano heatblock ( with heater and thermistor connected to 'tool 0' in gCode )
6. Volcano nozzle

That should give me much better heating / melting of the filament. Thoughts ?

ps .. setting of the Z axis home ( nozzle to bed dstance ) is not an issue as my printer homes the Z to the tip of the nozzle

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Re: Double heat block on extruder
September 10, 2017 01:33AM
The heatbrake in 4) is a dealbraker when it's made of stainless steel. ( not the best thermal conductivity )

I made something similar, but with the longer brass nozzles from the volcano and two standard E3D V6 heater blocks. They are screwed back_to_back on the nozzle and countered by the heatbrake.
I only have one 40W heater element placed in the lower heater block, but the upper block gets hot too and extends the heat transfer zone.

The result is similar to the volcano. I just didn't want to wait a week before the order dropped in.

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