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I need a couple firmware mods-who wanna get paid to do it?

Posted by WatIDo 
I need a couple firmware mods-who wanna get paid to do it?
November 22, 2017 06:38PM
I really do not like working with the Firmware for my machine. I'm not good at it and I usually screw things up so....

I'm looking for someone who can help out with a couple of (what I consider to be) small modifications. I will gladly compensate said individual.

Here's what I'm trying to get done.

I recently installed a Filament Runout Sensor. It was a Journey that tested the limits of my patience but, I got it done. Well sort of. It would seem that "As Released" In order for a Filament Runout Sensor to function the firmware coding ASSUMES that you will be printing from a SD card. I am not printing from an SD card and disabled this reference in the firmware to make it work. However, disabling the SD Card printing feature also disables the "Check to see if the print timer is running before throwing a Filament Runout Fault to my Arduino Mega 2560/Ramps 1.4 setup. This is really annoying because false runouts are triggered when just jogging the machine around.

Second... Filament sensor triggers Advanced Pause/M600 command routine when activated. This is very nice and works OK. However, a couple of things happen after the machine moves to the M600 Filament change position that kinda suck if you happen to be away from your machine. First thing that happens is that Repetier Host goes Deaf Dumb & Blind. All Commands are locked out and reports "BUSY PROCESSING" while it awaits for the M600 Routine to complete. Secondly, there is a parameter in the Advanced Pause/M600 command routine which allows you to specify the timeout value for the heaters to turn off if you are not around (I have mine set for 10 minutes). After M600 is triggered my machine moves off the part to it's change position and waits. After 10 minutes the Heaters turn off. THEN... My display shows "EXTRUDER HEATING, PLEASE WAIT". Of Course the heaters have been turned off, Repetier is locked out and I am officially DEAD in the water with only a HARD reset E-Stop to get me out of this hole. I'm pretty sure that this is not functioning the way it was intended.

So, What say you Brave soul? Ready to help open the frontiers of Filament Runout Sensor functionality for the masses? I have Remote Control Software on this machine and can grant access or I can email my Firmware files if you prefer to work on your machine? Either way, I need some help from someone who is smarter than I.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and I hope to hear from someone soon!
Re: I need a couple firmware mods-who wanna get paid to do it?
November 23, 2017 10:23PM
Is this Marlin or Repetier or RepRap Firmware or your own homebrew firmware?

Probably it would be a good idea to identify exactly what firmware you're talking about, and post your request in the appropriate Software forum?
Re: I need a couple firmware mods-who wanna get paid to do it?
November 24, 2017 01:13PM
Thanks Frank! I am using MARLIN 1.6.6 I've been viewing/editing/uploading the firmware file with the Arduino editor. Hope that helps. No takers so far??? I guess I'll try posting in another forum.
Re: I need a couple firmware mods-who wanna get paid to do it?
November 25, 2017 08:18AM
You will have better chances of someone to pick this up if you start the design work. Right now you are stating the bug/problem you have and that you want to have it solved. There is nothing wrong with that. But the next step to solving the issue is to define what needs to change. Especially with a host software (Repetier Host) in the mix. What needs to be done is to decide how the two softwares (Host and Firmware) should behave. That defines what changes need to be done to the firmware /host to actually make it work.

If you do this step yourself you make it easier for people to help you make these changes happen. It also makes sure that the solution that gets implemented is the implementation you want.
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