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invention: "Delta 3d printer with automatic change of tools"

Posted by roland 
invention: "Delta 3d printer with automatic change of tools"
September 14, 2018 08:16AM
Ah i just post a few minutes brainstorming here to "publish" the invention so it can no longer be patented.
Well in the USA i would have a deadline of 1 year, so investors welcome ;-)
As i own no delta but only three cartesian printers, others are welcome to join the discussion.

The currently canceled [www.kickstarter.com] was kind of a fraud..
But as the creator intends to do a fourth try i thought that a face-lift of his prototype might be a good idea.

So i noticed that a delta setup might be more suitable for automatically interchangeable tools (like printheads):

1. the moving receiver can quickly move upwards.

2. whereas a cartesian setup can print wherever it can move to, a Delta setup seems to have unusable positions at the upper end where the print head no longer points strictly downwards.

At these upper ends, different tools might be ready to be picked up by the moving receiver.

The invention also includes magnets in these tools and only iron pads in the receiver. Yet these iron pads would have a copper coil so they can be magnetized to suck the tool into the receiver as well as them been magnetized opposing to push the tool back into it's waiting position.

Possible tools would be different single-filament printheads, laser engraver, milling spindle, etc.

But of course i see a powder/paste metal depositer that would fill the ditches left by the prior filament layer. Then the 2+Watt laser engraver would melt the carbon-tin-copper mixture to create a electronic circuit board. Carbon in the mixture to heat up quickly with the laser light.
And of course, that way, multi layer circuit boards could be made.
Not to forget the smd pick and place tool and soldering-in again by the laser tool :-)

As i said, just a few minutes of brainstorming.
Now people with more Delta experience might check if this "invention" is a good one.

aka Robo Durden
the little physicist :-)
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