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What do you think about this spindle?

Posted by evgeniy.romensky 
What do you think about this spindle?
June 16, 2019 07:16AM
Hi all! I want to know , what do you think about this spindle?
First has 320w 32500 rpm
Second has 570w 27000 rpm
I want to mill wood by CNC.
open | download - 1809668693_w640_h640_graver-grand-mg-320.webp (6.6 KB)
open | download - 1817504817_w640_h640_-graver-.jpg (45.3 KB)
Re: What do you think about this spindle?
June 17, 2019 09:32AM
Both are handtools which may not have the run out precision you're looking for. I'd get a 500W engraving/cnc spindle with ER11 collets. Aliexpres sells them for less than 100 euros. The collets are crap, you can easily replace them with better quality ones. These run a lot quieter too compared to hand tools. You usually don't need more than 12000 rpm. These are easier to mount too.

I've gone for a 1.5KW spindle with VFD. The VFD controls the power and speed of the spindle and doesn't drop in rpm when it's loaded. It does cost considerably more, about 250 euros and needs a beefy frame to support it.

Kind regards

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