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BFB 3000 bootloader issue

Posted by saif 
BFB 3000 bootloader issue
August 13, 2019 02:41PM
Hi all,
I have an old BFB 3000 dual extruder. It was working exceptionally well until today. Last I used it was about 6 months ago.
Since then it has been covered well. Today when I started it, the screen is continuously stuck on USB bootloader v 3 mode.
1. I have tried to switch it on/off several times. ( this used to work in a single attempt when it has happened in the past).
2. I updated the firmware with a usb to my pc to v 4.0.0 abd then 4.1.0. The process seems to go well, device detected etc.
But when i start my printer, its the same story.
3. It did start up just the one time and so i pushed the extruders in x y and moved the bed up n down etc. The firmware showed v 4.0.0. Thinking that it is working fine, i switched it off. But when i turned it back on, the screen shows the same USB BOOTLOADER v 3.

I am quite perplexed with this problem. Can someone please throw some light on this?
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