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Design input: hot end adapter PCB (fault monitoring, etc.)

Posted by MaxStein 
Design input: hot end adapter PCB (fault monitoring, etc.)
August 07, 2021 03:51AM
Currently, I am designing a PCB that adds local connectors to the hot end [similiar to the anycubic i3 mega] for easier maintenance/modification with a simple retrofit to existing printers in mind.

The same PCB contains, in addition, monitoring functionality:
- (basic) wire & connector fault detection (contact resistance)
- fan failure detection
- detecting degrading heater cartridges (enabling pre-failure repairs)

At the moment there are two ADC pins unused. This raises the question if those could be utilized to add some additional functionality.
My current thought is:
microphone to register bad fan bearings (not high priority as those issues are obvious when operating the printer)
thermistor/hot end temperature (currently not used but might be valuable to collect statistics on cartridge lifetime)

Any input on what to do with those two pins (or with the digital IO)?

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