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Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?

Posted by Alvon3DprinTor 
Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?
February 21, 2022 04:39PM
Hi everybody,

I'm starting a new little personal project,
I will publish it in the wiki and on github and so on.

How would you named this cinematic, am I correct If I speak of Cartesian CoreXY Crossed ?!?!?
Have you already seen a project using this geometry and cinematic ?

thank you very much in advance for your feedback and return of experience.

ADG AKA GA3D_tech ------ [www.instagram.com]------ [www.reprap.org] ------ [ga3d.tech]
Re: Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?
March 11, 2022 03:03PM
Good evening,

who says nothing agrees :-) :

this cinematic will be called : the "GA3D.tech Cartesian CoreXY Crossed"

I did a first proto, you can see its first move there :

GA3D.tech Cartesion CoreXY Crossed first move

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Re: Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?
March 13, 2022 06:26AM

You'll find here under possible design of the Crossed CoreXY cinematic,

Tell me please which is the more inspiring for you ?????? spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

== '''Possible Application Designs''' ==

The aim of the project is to make a modular element, that can be easily integrated in many design. One particularity is that this design allow intrinsically a double functionnality, that is very advantageous. The System can easily be integrated on the side of a table, allow 3D printing on lifted bed, and laser engraving, or milling, or cnc lathing on the table. The Z axis can be placed either with the tool head, or under the whole structure, or under the heated bed. You can also use it for double printing, or continous printing or for drawing-plotting.

Re: Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?
April 17, 2022 04:14PM
Hi all,

you can follow last updates of my projects, on my Insta channel :


Thank you in advance for your feedbacks
Re: Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?
May 15, 2022 03:30PM
Hi all,

here under are my last developments :

unfortunately I'm unable to load a little video of the machine in movement, have a look to my insta account to see it in move.

Re: Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?
June 05, 2022 12:27PM
Hey Alvon,

Certainly is a nice looking design you make, and have thought about distinct uses, however I feel this is almost a DrawBot with a Z axis added... I made a similar mech to move a tube around for a sorting machine, in the photo it is still lying on the table, but it will have the nearest 2040 removed and the ends of the Y axis fit between the legs of the "table", the end of the X axis is fixed to the tube - when ordered, the XY mech moves the tube to a spot on the grid.. I found another photo which shows better.. with CoreXY, the motors don't HAVE to be on the same side, its just the way they move together ;-)

But again, nice take on the design, I found it had a bit of slop, the weight of the profiles as they pass from one side to the other requires a very rigid central mech, for my use this was not important, but if you managed to get prints done, then very well done!

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Re: Variation of CoreXY cinematic, how to name it ?
June 10, 2022 04:32PM
Hi andymidtf,

Excellent ! your robot has exactly the same cinematic than my reprap !

concerning the rigidity I'm quite happy with my core bloc, it is very stiff.

After a few tests, the point to improve is still the Z carriage.

You can see how it works in this short video

Youtube GA3D M1 - prototype 0.2

ADG AKA GA3D_tech ------ [www.instagram.com]------ [www.reprap.org] ------ [ga3d.tech]
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