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My custom watercooling setup

Posted by OutcastZeroOne 
My custom watercooling setup
March 31, 2023 03:08PM
I’ve been working on a water cooled hotend for my printer for a number of years now. Since about mid 2018. Back then options where limited and I opted for full custom setups of everything.

Right now I’m running a custom made watercooled hotend, stainless steel water jacket printed by JLC PCB for me over a heatsink I cut on a lathe I designed and printed. Cooling is done via a coil cooler that is microcontroller controlled based off temperature of the fluid. Still working on the firmware for that but as it sits now here are some pictures of things.
open | download - 1FCEA1B2-8FA4-4C22-897A-325C702ACEB2.jpeg (1.25 MB)
open | download - 942E2DC0-0923-453C-AA51-035413CE3269.jpeg (1.31 MB)
open | download - 95A52023-C112-417B-B344-1DF70570DB53.jpeg (1.24 MB)
open | download - 613B6AB6-9306-4291-99C7-11E337D57BDB.jpeg (1.08 MB)
open | download - DB90D8E4-A35E-44B7-BFA7-147D3A904C48.jpeg (1.14 MB)
Re: My custom watercooling setup
April 02, 2023 10:18AM
That is a very nice looking water cooler. While I have used JLC PCB for several PCBs, I have not yet tried their metal 3D printing. I will have to look out for parts that I need just to try out JLCs 3D printing.

If I may venture a gentle critique though. Most watercoolers consist of a jacket over a commercial finned cold-end and are massive overkill. I have put links to three pictures on this forum where they show just how little water contact is needed - the last one, from Zatsit [www.kickstarter.com] is an impressive example of minimalism.


Regarding your question in the Tech-Talk subforum, I am not sure how useful it is to monitor the water flow - although some way of signaling that there is no flow could avert a disaster.

Re: My custom watercooling setup
April 07, 2023 12:10PM
That is exactly what mine is, I took a m6 stand-off and machined it down to only 10mm wide fins with the waterjacket over it. The entire thing is only 20mm tall on the cooler, which is the smallest I can make it with a standard Mk8 throat and Bowden coupler. It’s hard to see scale without context but that Maxiwatt heater is only 20mm diameter so it is very small.

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open | download - C137C656-F69E-49AE-B941-7D999AF4AD2E.jpeg (1.02 MB)
Re: My custom watercooling setup
April 07, 2023 11:05PM
also, the main reason for monitoring water flow is to regulate the flow of the pump to a set flow rate. also if there is a sudden drop in flow that means there is a leak in the system and should trigger a failsafe to shut the system off.
Re: My custom watercooling setup
April 10, 2023 01:17PM
Sorry if I'm out of topic... What about machining laser sintered stainless steel ? Love machining stainless (amazing surface finishes), but can be tricky, and quickly destroy tooling. I've really been pleased with JLCPCB PCBs, and been interested in their metal 3D printing services for a couple of years, as soon at it appeared on their website...

[EDIT] first time I see pictures named with UUIDs...

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Re: My custom watercooling setup
April 10, 2023 01:51PM
Re: My custom watercooling setup
April 10, 2023 04:48PM
"Machining this stuff is like machining bad cast iron with massive inclusions"
Was aware of this thread, but didn't notice !
Re: My custom watercooling setup
April 11, 2023 08:59AM
Yeah, even tapping the stuff is pain. But I was able to make both M3 and m5 threads into the model and both came out well enough that all I needed to do was clean the threads with a tap. Trying to tap with a bare hole was absolute pain and no matter how careful or use of tapping fluid you would snap taps on it.

Also, the heatsink insert I made on a lathe I 3d printed. I originally bought a tiny lathe but that thing stopped holding itself together after 3 uses. My printed lathe is still work over a year later.

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