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Berdair MOSFET board

Posted by OutcastZeroOne 
Berdair MOSFET board
April 11, 2023 09:46AM
MOSFET boards are nothing new. What I never did find was a board that fit on the back of the 555 motor of the pump grinning smiley

I have a small PWM signal generator to help figure out the best PWM frequency for the motors. Found my 24v likes 20hz, while the 12 prefers 30-40hz. Outside the ranges it would stumble or make horrible high pitched whines.

Video of testing the 12v Berdair pump

As for the boards themselfs I used Digikeys Redboard service. Boards where made by a local shop in California, which surprised me there was a place so close by. 10 day turnaround from ordering to in my hand and cheaper than JLC with the same settings. They didn’t drill the center hole but sent me 2 extra boards, so kind of a trade off tongue sticking out smiley

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