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meet ups

Posted by dissidence 
meet ups
July 19, 2010 12:00AM
at some point in time i would like to have a meet up for all of the people in Sask who are building a reprap or have one, or who are just interested in building one, dose any one have any ideas where or when would be good.?

Re: meet ups
July 19, 2010 10:18AM
I'm in Saskatoon, and just finish assembling my cartesian bot, will hopefully have the electronics tested by next week. Good to know there are others in Sask.

There are a few people here in Saskatoon looking into building Mendels but Saskatoon might be a bit far for you.

We should definitely stay in touch, even if meeting up doesn't work. We might be able to do group buys of supplies, especially if we get a few more people.
Re: meet ups
July 19, 2010 12:24PM
this is good, saskatoon would be a bit far for me but i am glad too see more people who are interested, the sad part is that i will need a few more parts printed for my project soon.

i am very glad too see more people who are interested in this project

Re: meet ups
November 14, 2010 12:13AM
i am looking to have a meet up sometime in dec, who would be interested.?

Re: meet ups
September 26, 2011 02:50AM
It's been a year; maybe you will find more Saskatchewanians in the game now!

I am in Regina, & plan to start building a Huxley (parts are enroute).

A handful of us started a shared Maker-space here in Regina last year, but are now re-locating and in limbo so don't have an ideal place to meet, but I'd love to get together with anyone with first hand reprap experience.

If nothing else, i could probably find a day in the next month or so to travel to assiniboia or s'toon for a coffee & chat.

Any activity in Saskatchewan these days?
Re: meet ups
October 18, 2014 03:17PM
Hello, my names Ryan, and I'm kinda building a part of my company around my 3D printer and its a Prusa I3 Rev. Would like to go to meet up in late Nov in Saskatoon if your interested
Re: meet ups
March 06, 2015 04:35PM
Hey I just ordered all my parts for an i3 rework. I am thinking I want to do a build log. Would love to meet with some reprap guys in sask. I am in Regina so if you want to get together let's do it!!!
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