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Filaments for sale!

Posted by Formfutura 
Filaments for sale!
January 23, 2013 06:08AM
We have recently opened a company (based in the Netherlands), purely focusing on the sales of 3D printer filaments. With our website we try to fulfil the needs of the European market.

We sell both ABS and PLA in 1.75mm and 3mm. We sell our materials per spool and by the meter and we offer worldwide shipping. If you would like to know more, check out our website:


We now also offer LAYWOO-D3 wood filament on our website in both 1.75mm and 3mm:


We hope to see you there!

Re: Filaments for sale!
January 23, 2013 02:18PM
Hi there,
Your filament pricing appears to be no different than other European suppliers, but because you sell it in smaller roles (.9kg) the shipping cost to Ireland makes your site unattractive. e.g. .9kg spool is priced at €24.95 but costs €22.39 to ship to Ireland. Adding more to the order doesn't help. I added another item to the order and shipping went to €30. Perhaps the shipping charge levels out then but I'm not sure.
Also, what shipping service is "PostNL"? Does it have a tracking number?

Re: Filaments for sale!
January 23, 2013 11:31PM
Hi NumberSix,

PostNL is the new name of TNT after the demerger of TNT Express from TNT in 2011. It's a parcel and e-commerce corporation. They have a tracking system called Track & Trace and we offer this to all our customers. Upon shipment you'll receive a tracking number and a link to track your parcel via this website: http://parcels-uk.tntpost.com/

PostNL ships goods based on weight. Packages under 2 Kg will be shipped to Ireland for €22.39 (incl tax), under 5Kg for €30.25 (incl tax), under 10Kg for €37.51 (incl tax) and so on. For more information on the shipping costs see: http://www.formfutura.com/shipping.html

The total weight of a spool (filament+spool+packaging) is 1.35Kg. This indeed means that you can only order 1 spool to stay in the first price range and you can order 3 spools to stay in the second price range.

Within the next week we will start to offer the possibility to order coils of 900g filament (so without the plastic spool) on our website. Which means that the total weight of a coil+packaging will stay just under 1Kg. This means you can order 2 coils to stay in the first price range and 5 to stay in the second price range and so on. This will probably make it more attractive for ordering from Ireland.

As said this will become a possibility on our website within the next week. However if you'd like to already make use of this possibility, just send us an email ([email protected]) or a PM and we'll make a custom quote/invoice for you.

I hope this has answered your questions.

Re: Filaments for sale!
January 24, 2013 03:51PM
Hi Rien,
Thanks for the detailed clarification on the shipping costs, and the offer of flexibility of coils of filament consolidated, and without the spool to reduce weight and optimise shipping costs.

The cost of shipping from main-land Europe to Ireland seems to be a constant cost barrier for us, and something vendors may need to be conscious of if they are to attract Irish custom.
Thanks again.

Re: Filaments for sale!
January 30, 2013 04:25AM
We now also offer Taulman 618 Nylon filament on our website in both 1.75mm and 3mm:


Re: Filaments for sale!
April 16, 2013 08:46AM
Re: Filaments for sale!
April 24, 2013 07:57AM
My friend, you ve got some very interesting pieces, like the flex or wood, but the price of a piece with the shipping is way toooo expensive.
Also the simple filaments with the shipment are expensive. There are other shops around Europe that have much better price on filaments and the shipping host is even the half of yours.
I wish you were more competitive....
Hope you reconsider your pricing policy in the near future... its better to sell more and cheaper than try to make money in one day ..... (friendly speaking)
Re: Filaments for sale!
April 24, 2013 08:32AM
Hi Xerox1821,

The shipping costs that we charge are taken directly from our shipping company. Since my last post we have renegotiated the shipping costs and we can now ship up to 10Kg to Ireland for 26.50 Eur (excl VAT), up to 20Kg for 28.90 Eur (excl VAT), and up to 30Kg for 31.30 Eur (excl VAT). See also http://www.formfutura.com/shipping.html.

I agree that shipping a single spool to Ireland is probably too expensive for most people, however larger quantities are now way more attractive than it was before.

At Formfutura we always strive to offer the latest and most innovative products. We are aware that there are other shops that sell filaments for less than we do, but for us it is really important to offer our clients quality and consistency in both service and filaments. Unfortunately quality often comes with a price tag. In saying that, I don't think we're excessively expensive in regards to other shops in Europe. We've also recently changed our 900 grams Premium Spool ABS and PLA to 1Kg spools, and have decreased the price per Kg for those spools.

Hope this explains a bit!

@NumberSix: because of the new, above mentioned, shipping prices, there is no need to offer our filaments as coils instead of spools.
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