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white stripes cofee and cigarettes

Posted by pbrstreetgang 
white stripes cofee and cigarettes
July 10, 2014 09:08PM
Meg: So jack, are you gonna tell me bout your tesla coil?

Jack: You said you didn't wanna hear about it.

Meg: Ya I know, but that was a while ago.

Jack: Well I don't know if I wanna talk about it.

Meg: Come on Jack, you draged it all the way down here in your little red

wagon. Come on, just tell me about it.

Jack: Well I built it based on the invention of Nikola Tesla's original designs.

It's an air transformer. with primary and secondary coils that are, that are tuned

to resonate. It's basically a step-up transformer, which converts relatively low

voltage high current to high voltage low current at high frequencies. Do you

remember, when we were kids, you had a little barbie makeup mirror?

Meg: Ya I remembere that.

Jack: Had a little flourecent light on it?

Meg: Mhmm.

Jack: Well Nikola Tesla invented flourecent light. Without him we wouldent

have alternating current, radio, television, x-ray technology, induction motors,

particle beams, lasers. None of that would even exist if it weren't for him

Meg: Or the rock band Tesla.
Jack: Funny. You know Tesla was a true genius. If we would have paid more

attention to his ideas, The world would be a much better place. We'd have free

mass comunication, free transportation, free energy for everyone. That's why

they discredited him in the end. Free energy. He percieved the Earth as a

conductor of acoustical resonance.

Meg: Hmm. What a beautiful idea. So Jack are you gonna show me how the

coil works?

Jack: Ya, alright. You'll need these (welder's goggles). Alright are you ready


Meg: I'm ready.
Jack: Damn it, something went wrong.

Meg: It was cool though.

Jack: Ya but it wasn't supposed to stop. It was supposed to keep working. I

don't know what happened.

Meg: Think maybe you blew a capacitor?

Jack: No I didn't blow a capacitor Meg.

Meg: Maybe it tripped your GFI.

Waiter: Ya, your ground fault interurptor.

Jack: Ya I know what a GFI is. That's not what happened.

Waiter: You don't have to snap at me (walks out).

Meg: Hmm... I think maybe the spark gaps are too far apart on your spark coil


Jack: Um, ya that could be it. I guess. Ya that is it, that is it. You're right about

that. I didn't check that earlier (cofee cheers). Well, I'm gonna go home and

check it out.

Meg: Alright Jack.

Jack: Uhmm, are you going to go bowling tomarrow or?

Meg: Ya I'll be there.

Jack: Alright, well I'll see you there (leaves with Tesla coil).
Meg: (lights cigarette and taps spoon on cofee) Hmm. Earth as a conductor of

acoustical resonance.
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