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Apparently no Wiki access, so....

Posted by D.Goncz 
Apparently no Wiki access, so....
July 23, 2017 02:34PM
I don't have a sig or a file to attach...other than 13 minutes of me dial-gaging bits of 5/16-18 threaded rod in MP4 to get some SPC on my build.

I'm building a Unimat One RepStrap called Bateson; is the name taken?

5/16-18 or M8 threaded rod fits nicely in the spindle bore of a Unimat One.

Aside from that...it's a cube, Darwin / Sakura style, and it's minimal--the leadscrews are structural during assembly and supported later.

It can print its own side panels at 115% scale, and so, in 5 generations, can be twice the size.

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