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Ds HOT END v1.7

Posted by DS Greece 
Ds HOT END v1.7
December 08, 2015 09:58AM
Im ofering DS hotends v 1.7 for every one from greece who want good, full metalic hotends.

On Evil Forge and Green Dragon printers this hotend run 200-250mm/s with out only one problem.
This hotend DONT HAVE PROBLEM WITH PLA !!! like almost all ful metal hotends.

tested with PLA,ABS,TPU,TPE,NYLON,HIPS,PVA,PC,PET,CRYSTAL GLAS, and many others.
work up to 450 celsius, but high temperature depend also on printer cosnstruction and cooling.

hotend photo + some examples of printing ;-) :


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Re: Ds HOT END v1.7
December 17, 2015 03:09AM
I can only highly recommend this hotend.
With ABS it works like a charm. smiling smiley
If there are some issues, just consult the manufacturer, he'll solve everything with you.

Just for precision, I'm using 3mm version, with Gregs wade extruder on a i3. At least one other person I know uses the same version.
Re: Ds HOT END v1.7
December 18, 2015 01:55PM
Hello guys,

i have one of these hotend and what i tell you?
Is a amazing, I print 20 kg filament without any problem. So i can only highly recomended this hotend, because i think, this is smart buy.
And with ABS and PLA work perfect..
see: smiling smiley

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