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Reprap NJ

Posted by Benbo231 
Reprap NJ
September 15, 2009 07:38PM
I am looking for a cheap prototyping machine,as I need a bunch of parts for my newest robot, Blue Thunder. I have several questions about the Reprap machines.

1. Does RepRap filament come in blue?
2. About how strong are the parts? I need Blue to be able to fall over, and be able to not shatter. In the vid, it shows hanging a backpack on it, but I don't know Reprap Filament's Impact strength. I plan for the robot to weigh approx. 5 to 10 kilos.
3. Where could I get parts in NJ?
4. Does it need that big stand? I have a tiny room, with minimal walkspace and minimal storage space. My desk is in a closet, and my closet is in my desk. I need this thing to be tiny!smiling smiley
Re: Reprap NJ
September 22, 2009 08:26PM
Better yet, found another option. BigBlueSaw.com. Im gonna get mine made there, but I need the CNC files for the parts. please post a link to a place where I can get all the reprappable parts of a reprap...
Re: Reprap NJ
October 30, 2009 10:17AM
It would be great to pull together a user's group in NJ - where do you live? I'm in Glen Ridge.
George Musser
Re: Reprap NJ
November 04, 2009 06:37AM
Well I don't use yet, I just need one first. Do you have a functioning reprap?
Re: Reprap NJ
November 08, 2009 08:42PM
Hello? I can spend approx 150 USD on a RepRap. Mendel preferred, but not required. I need the full kit, because chances are that I buy the wrong things otherwise. Any providers on the east coast?
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