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Maker Faire New York

Posted by Damian 
Maker Faire New York
June 23, 2011 09:54PM
Re: Maker Faire New York
June 27, 2011 07:52PM
I went last year. it was about a month after i had heard about reprap, but just after i had ordered all my bits and pieces. It was really overall, not just the printers.

I don't think I'd go again, though, myself. it's a long drive to the city for me, and then i have to drive through the city to get to queens. it was also 130 degrees or something that day and it's mostly outside, so it was hard to see everything 'cause we wanted to stay cool, either in the shade or buildings.

I was glad i went though, at least once. if you can make it i'd suggest you go.

I wish they did it at liberty park.
Re: Maker Faire New York
July 04, 2011 11:47AM
Hey buback i am from argentina i am building a Rep Rap here to take to argentina i wanted to know if we could meet up and i can see you machine and you give me some advice on which ones to choose thanks a lot!
Re: Maker Faire New York
July 03, 2013 09:44PM
Maker Faire 3D Printers Village is a great way to look at a lot of different tyoes of printers. If you have a question on any printer or issues, there are people there that are happy to help. At MF 2010, we has a guy drop off a non printing Cupcake at the booth and picked it up the next day all adjusted and working. If you want to display and run your printer, you get free admission and parking for two days. Maker Faire 2013 will be bigger and better!
Re: Maker Faire New York
August 27, 2013 08:12AM
Just did another Prusa Mendel build on Saturday. If you like this clean, simple design and want to see it in action, we will have at least two at our table. If you have questions, jot them down and come see us at the Printers Village Saturday and Sunday. We will have Joe Prusa in person there to demonstrate his latest and answer your questions!

New York Maker Faire
September 21 & 22
New York Hall of Science

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